New festival in the city of Eilat!
“Red Sea Guitar” Festival # 1

February 13-15, Eilat

Artistic Director: Ronnie Hus, Production: Forum Group
Festival management: Municipal Eilat Tourism Corporation

A weekend of live performances, guitars, master classes and wild jams sessions until the little hours of the night

This winter, the city of Eilat prepares for a new, three day of festival that’s all about guitar –

From Ehud Banai’s Classical Guitar through the sound of Aris San’s Greek Guitar performed by Berry Sakharof, Yehuda Caesar and more, from the American Blues of the Messengers of Blues to the unique 14 string, Bouzokitra, invented by Yossi Sassi. From Micah Shirit’s Deep Guitar sounds to the Spanish plucking of Shlomo Ydov. From  Oleartchick’s bass tunes to the rhythm bands with Romano and Budgov.

In addition, a few Israeli guitar legends, such as Mordy Ferber, Avi Singolda and Erez Netz, will perform at the festival and show the audience the influence the guitar has had on them.

The Eilitees love to host, it is well known.

And now with good music, sea and sun – the perfect summer vacation, but in winter!

The Isrotel group offers accommodation packages for the festival and the company’s other hotels – packages include accommodation and tickets to various shows. The lively and laid back Hotel, Isrotel Agamim was chosen to host the Guitar at the Red Sea as the #1 official hotel of the festival. During the festival days, “Isrotel Agamim” will be filled with exciting sounds and rhythms, transforming the festival’s guests stay there into a complete experience with master classes on Friday and Saturday mornings and jams till dawn.

Ronnie Hus, the Artistic Director of the festival: “I am delighted to invite you to the first guitar festival in Eilat. This weekend is dedicated to one of the most exciting, influential and important musical instrument that the world of music has ever known. “

Mr. Yossi Chen, CEO of the Eilat Tourism Corporation: “For many years we wanted to hold the Guitar Festival in Eilat. I am glad that all the conditions for its existence have been met with the great winter program of 35 festivals in 5 months WINTER SUN FESTIVAL. I am excited by the rich, diverse and excellent program presented. The festival is a salute to Israeli and international guitar players, with unique originals. I am confident that this festival will become a tradition in the city of Eilat alongside other well-known festivals that have been held here for over 30 years. The winter season in Eilat is a time when nature is renewed, the temperatures are pleasant and the culture in its bloom. I invite you to combine a magical holiday with an excellent musical festival in the city of Eilat. “

Mr. Meir Yitzhak Halevi, Mayor of Eilat: “The city of Eilat, which hosts dozens of leading conferences and musical festivals throughout the year, is offering 35 festivals over the course of five months in the winter. I am delighted to invite everyone to enjoy a quality and fine musical experience in this magical city with an amazing bay and a pleasant winter sun. “